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What is Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye Disease refers to abnormalities of the tear-film which should coat the surfaces of the eyes, providing clear vision and protecting sensitive surface tissues.

The key features of dry eye syndrome are:
Decreased tear production
Increased tear evaporation
Incorrect composition of tears

These result in inadequate lubrication of the eyes—leading to physical discomfort, visual fluctuation, and the possibility of permanent eye surface damage.

Call Ahead

Why you don’t have to live with it.

Our doctors are experts practicing at the highest level of
excellence and modern techniques.

They are up-to-date on the most current journals and
studies for Dry Eye Disease.

Our office is equipped with the most modern technology to
properly diagnose and manage Dry Eye Disease.

You will feel like part of our family, as you meet our friendly team and
relax in our newly-expanded and beautifully-designed space.

At our facility we will do
these diagnostic tests

Tear Film Stability/
Tear Evaporation Rate
Tear Volume
Tear Osmolarity
Color Stain Testing
Inflammatory Protein Testing
Redness Level & Oil Layer
Photography of Ocular
Surface & Glands

Depending on the result of these diagnostic tests, we will implement the best treatment(s)

Over-the-Counter Eyedrops
& Ointments
Oral Vitamins & Supplements
Gentle Heating Treatments
Lid & Lash Hygiene Treatments
Prescription Eyedrops & Ointments
Prescription Oral Medications
Unclogging Oil Glands
Plugs to Slow Tear Drainage

How do we start?

Enrolling in our Dry Eye Center includes 5 visits:
Day 1 (Initial Visit)
2 week
1 Month
3 Month
6 Month

At each visit, the aforementioned tests will be performed,
and one of our doctors will map out our goals and progress.
Each visit will last approximately 45 minutes.

Our medical coding team will submit appropriate procedure
and evaluation codes to your insurance company.
This is a medically billable and allowable disease.

A Family You Can Trust.

Why should you trust our family with
your family’s vision?

Our office has been in Red Bank for over 75 years! We will be here to grow up with your children and to grow old together with you. Our private practice location ensures that you will receive individualized attention in a familiar and comfortable environment. Our doctors are experts in ocular health and disease, and reserve extra time for every new patient exam to get to know you. You won’t leave until we answer every question that you have about your eye health.